Forever Chair Mat

SKU: PNCM4848-89
    • Overall Size: 48"x48" (square) 
    • Works on hard floors (wood, tile, etc), as well as all thickness of carpeted floors.
    • Back of the mat is flat (no cleats), and to prevent the mat from sliding or moving around, self adhesive "anti-skid" strips are attached to the back of the mat. They're included at no extra charge, but please specify either carpet or hard floor application when ordering to ensure you receive the correct type of anti-skid strip.
    • Textured top surface & ramped edge is included for easy chair movement.
    • Accommodates chairs with non-castered legs.
    • Prevents floor damage such as indents, scuffs, marring and scratches.
    • Washes up easily with soap & water and requires little maintenance.
    • Black in color. Square.