Manufacturer: Teknion

Four available as of 5/19/2021

High End Ergonomic Mesh Office Chairs

$300.00 Regular Price
$250.00Sale Price
  • Seat height can be adjusted by lifting the lever at the front of the right armrest. When this lever is lifted, the weight of the body will cause the seat to lower, and releasing it stops the seat at the desired height. Lifting the lever with no weight on the seat allows it to rise.  When the chair back is at the desired angle, press the lever once to lock it in position. Pressing the lever again frees the chair back. The arm height can be adjusted by lifting the arm cap. Raising the armrest to its uppermost position frees it to return to its lowest position. Arm cap pivots in four positions.  Lifting the slide levers under both sides of the seat allows it to be adjusted forwards and backwards.  Turning the grip found under the left side of the seat limits the back tilt travel and locks the back. Travel is limited on 3 positions with back lock in the upright position.  


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